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Turbulence, Transition and Triumph

If you are alive and moving, chances are, you will encounter turbulence from time to time.  Turbulence is when your normalcy or comfort is disrupted by abrupt circumstance.  Based on your level of understanding, you can decide whether or not you resonated the turbulence or if you believe it is random.  I tend to believe that we create everything in our life.  Either way, turbulence is a magnificent teacher and as you already know, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  If turbulence is the teacher, then cause and effect is the classroom.

Turbulence as a teacher

One of the most difficult but rewarding things to do when we encounter turbulence is to maintain a perspective of gratitude for the teacher that it truly is.  It is present because we asked for it.  We have been resonating this effect into our existence and it serves a purpose.  The purpose can be as simple as reminding us that cause and effect is real and we need to be mindful as to where we are focusing our energy.  Are we at cause or effect most of the time?  If we are at effect, then we will resonate more of the effect.  If we choose to be at cause, then we can create the most magnificent of outcomes because we can empower the 10 second miracle.  Turning our back on what we don’t want and 100% knowingness of what we do want.


The process of moving from where we are to where we want to be.  Transition ties closely to the 4 basics in GIN Evolve training and the 5th basic, mastering the first 4.  Ponder the impacts that our basics have on transition.

·        Who do you listen to?  If transition is the process of moving from where we are to where we want to be, then it would stand to reason that who we listen to will have a profound impact on our transition.  We listen to people that were where we are and are now where we want to be.  Ultimately, we quiet ourselves and our logic to listen to ourselves and access the answers.

·        Teachability Index-The very fact that turbulence came to teach us indicates the need for a high teachability index.  Its not wise to expect different results doing the same things over and over.  Turbulence tells us to be teachable.  Having wisdom will encourage us to listen to turbulence.   Teachability is an important key to transition.

·        Training balance scale-It is important in transition that we learn what created the need for transition.  Our thoughts become things and our effect was once a thought or series of thoughts.  In order to gracefully and effectively move through transition, we need to elevate our thought and more important, our vibration, by applying an appropriate proportion to the training balance scale.  GIN Evolve training helps us with a better understanding of this.

·        4 Steps of Learning-Prior to turbulence, we are at Unconscious incompetence.  We do not know what we do not know.  As turbulence comes in, we are awakened and we will either seek out answers to enter into a new and better stability or retreat back into what is comfortable and avoid change.  As we choose to turn our back on what we don’t want and choose what we do want, we begin the perfect practice of conscious competence.  Conscious competence is the new accurate thought, high vibration and action.  This brings us to unconscious competence and into Triumph.

Unconscious competence is a knowingness and the consistent application of accurate thought.  We become what we most often think about.  Triumph is theCreation overcoming of ourselves when we are not serving our highest and best with accurate thoughts and high vibrations. 

In all things seek wisdom and get understanding.  Wisdom is available in unlimited quantity and you only have to learn how to access it.  You are a powerful creator and all of your dreams are along the path way of becoming the highest and best version of yourself.  Be a life-long learner and practitioner of conscious awareness and perfect practice.

Bonus on Fear**

People like you and I take on so much of the unknown and that is where fear comes from usually.  So in one sense, fear is a beautiful reminder that you are awakened and you are not sitting by idly letting life happen to you.  You continue to choose to happen to life.  

You do more than most so you will experience more than most, causing you to reflect.  I am as well and I am often confronted with fear.  When I begin to feel it, I analyze where it is coming from and then remind myself it is there because I am attempting greatness in this area.  The reason we attempt greatness is because we know we can!!!!  We know we can because we know who we are. 

So knowing who you are, you can have complete and total confidence that the fear is just there to remind you that you are so much bigger than any obstacle.  I have heard people say that fear comes from a bad source.  I believe that it is the universe telling us new and beautiful opportunities are at hand and we have the ability to stretch and grow into them.

The 10 second miracle is when we are aware of fear and are grateful for the reminder from fear and we then turn our back on it and smile knowing that we are currently in, and going deeper into the blessing.

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  • George Wake
    George Wake Wednesday, 20 April 2016

    Great Post!:) Thank you Brett! When you feel fear it's a reminder and also it means you go out of your comfort zone!

  • Brett Labit
    Brett Labit Wednesday, 01 February 2017

    Thanks :)

    FRED HIMBURG Sunday, 08 May 2016

    Excellent post Brett. It is a great reminder that ' are so much bigger than any obstacle.' We travel our own paths but will continue to remind ourselves that we can and will succeed through the turbulence.

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