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Collaborative Community...The key to rebuilding the Middle Class

Collaborative Community...The key to rebuilding the Middle Class
What do we want from this life?

The pain of remaining the same has to become greater than the pain of change. To quantify pain, we need to know what opposite are we disconnected from.  What is the opposite of pain that we desire intensely?  In order to achieve ones hopes and aspirations that have thus far been deferred, it requires a change in thinking and therefor, ultimately, a change in direction.  Results in life are the sum of choices.  This process is most commonly called Cause and Effect.  Causality is choice and effect is the outcome of choice.  To alter the outcome we have to alter the choice.  Seems easy enough until you realize that the power of choice is not the power at all.  In fact, we are most often times powerless in controlling our choice.  Our thoughts or programming and perceptions are the power behind our choices. We have to ask ourselves why we make the choices we make.  

In the question of what do we want in this life, we have to uncover what we are truly congruent with.  We fight years of programming and perception of what we should want based on some set of rules predefined by others.  Are your thoughts and beliefs your own?  In order to achieve your stated life vision, once clarified, you will need your thoughts, words and actions to be congruent with it.  If you are not careful to choose your own thoughts and not the thoughts of years of input, you will find yourself living a life that you cannot possibly be passsionate about.  Without passion, there is no power.  It takes power to move a vision forward. 

What does this have to do with Collaborative Community?

In my experience, as I attempt to assist individuals with a life and business progression that is meaningful and purposeful, I find it difficult to be an external catalyst for change.  In my frustrations of attempting to get people to work together in what I call "Collaborative Community", I had to ask myself, what will it take to get individuals to get past themselves in order to help themselves in a way that is effective and sustainable long term.  We have been conditioned through a convoluted and prostituted system of capitalism.  We have sold out the purity of capitalism for individualism.  Survival of the fittest is viewed as taking care of myself rather than a perspective of the outcome of pure capitalism.  Sure the fittest survive but do they really if everyone else parishes?  Do they survive without the well being of those less fit?  What accomplishment would it be to be the best or at the top if there is nothing at the bottom?  

I have learned that it is difficult to effect positive sustainable change with brilliant solutions and offers, teaching and consulting, coaching and mentoring or any other type of fix to an individuals problems.  There is one thing that becomes the catalyst to change, therefore opening the opportunity for individuals to see a brilliant solution arise.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear.  Where there is need a cause becomes relevant.  The lost need a leader.  The prisoner needs freedom.  It is hard to know happy without knowing sad and the pain of remaining the same has to become greater than the pain of change and the problem with being decieved is that we do not know that we are being deceived.  Pain comes from the disconnect between what we want to have, feel or experience and what we currently have, feel or are experiencing.  So the catalyst to change is discovering our own true self-interest.  As crazy as it sounds, before a community will collaborate, they need to understand their own self-interest.

What is the self-interest of an individual in community

In order for individuals to be at their highest and best, the community needs to be at its highest and best.  For the community to be at it's highest and best, individuals need to be at their highest and best.  So the community needs us and we need the community.  Reminds me of a line from the movie the "Matrix".  Very eye opening when Neo comes to the realization that "the machines need us and we need them".  Collaborative community is the act of making sure that the "whole" does well in order for the parts to do well.  What good would it do to have a great business but the community has no money to spend at it?  IF we only focus on meeting our own needs and not the needs of others, we will miss the very best we can experience and quite possibly could even lose life as we currently know and experience it.

The Commitment and the return

The commitment is to the success of those in your sphere.  If you take every connection you have and figure out a way to add value to their process of growth, their chances of succeeding will increase dramatically.  If an entire community adopts this mindset, then everyone has a chance at success.  As individuals get out of their own survival, they are able to independently meet the needs of the aching part of the community, lifting it as well.

The return is realized in a safer, thriving community.  You will see the benefits of the conscious effort of the collective to see you do well.  The entire tide rises and with it anyone that wants to rise.

The Collaborative Community model

Collaborative community needs a system and resources to function and facilitate collaboration.  It requires digital resources, networking, education, peer collaboration and appropriate forms of advertising.  LIZ Global has built and evolved this model and concept.  Our multi tiered approach to meet the needs of any individual or business based on where they are at has proven to be sustainable and realistic.  If you want to learn more or would like to be part of the cause of collaborative community, attend a LIZ Orientation or join now at for a better tomorrow and a better America.

What is Collaborative Community?

Collaborative Community is when a group of individuals or businesses come together to progress more effectively and efficiently than they otherwise would on their own.

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